Adelina Madero is a singer songwriter from Los Angeles, California, who was first taught by her mother, Cenovia Madero the art of songwriting. Her music is heavily influenced by traditional Mexican, Pop, R&B, Country, Rock and contemporary Christian music.

Adelina’s music has been played on various internet radio stations, including Rocker Dive Internet Radio, Artemis Record Internet Radio, and is often hired with her sister Maria Guadalupe Madero (Madero Sisters) for session and live performances.  Adelina along with her sister, has worked with the legendary Willie Chambers of the Chambers Brothers, Actor/Musician/Film Producer/Director Tim Russ, Davey Allen, a current member of the legendary band, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Crazy Tomes, who currently tours with Legend "Guitar Shorty," and she is a regularly featured guest performer for the Rock and Roll Circus, a classic rock house band, late Sundays at Canter's Kibitz Room.

Adelina is currently working on the finishing her soon to be released single, a funky song titled “So Thankful” produced by Louis Metoyer at Platinum Mixes, and engineered by David “Rain” Banta. Her last release “It’s Just Her Way” EP co-produced with Patrick Daley has Rock and Latin music influences, and is available on Spotify, Deezer, Record Union, itunes, Amazon, and Google Play under “Adelina and the Conspiracy.” 

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