AM Music Express 2nd show 

The first show was a success.  Great turn out.  Wonderful learning experience.  I will make some changes.  Ran over time.  First meeting with the dancers tonight. 

It's been almost a year since... 

It's been almost a year since I did my own show.  Even though I perform weekly with the Rock N' Roll Circus band, I'm not the ring master.  But I am grateful for the opportunity.  So the Adelina Madero Music Express is a new music project of mine. And since I love doing different genres, from covers to original music, that's what I have.  And since I love to dance, dancers are included in the show as well as guest singers.  Having the right energy is important.  This is just the beginning.  It will evolve.

Back at Daves 

Going back to Dave "Rainman" Banta recording studio tomorrow to work on finishing "So Thankful" single with Louis Metoyer.  Almost done with this particular version of the song.