"Relax guys, it's Just her Way."  


I wrote a song, years ago titled “It’s Just Her Way.” It was inspired by my sister Maria.  She has this wonderful, melodic type of laugh. So, whenever guys would come around and made her laugh, they would get this certain look in their eyes that said “I think I have a chance.” I watch this happen over and over again and I would think to myself, “Relax guys, it’s just her way. Don’t take it seriously.” Because afterwards, they would get this sad, puppy like expression when she would turn them down. It just goes to prove, you never know, where your inspiration may come from, for your next song.

"Every time I look at you, I see a miracle." 

That's what my mother used to tell me from time to time. She never gave up on me, even when the doctor's did but continued to pray for my healing for 2 1/2 years. When I got well, she continued to thank Him until she transition from this life on earth. She was a woman of prayer and unshakable faith. She also taught me and my siblings how to sing, play guitar and harmonized but I always thought my sister Maria was better at harmonizing than myself. She also taught me how to write songs and was patient with me except when i wasn't giving it my all. The picture is of my mom with my sister Esther. 

Did you know, that you're a Lego? 

That's what my niece, Michele, said to me the other morning. Her daughter, Juilette, who is five years old, and whom Maria likes to refer to her as the artist otherwise known as "J" decided to name one of her girl Lego toys, after me. Apparently we share the same hairstyle

The January 20th gig at the Kibitz has been cancelled due to a filming shoot so Canter's will be closed as well.  When I related this to Michael Be Holden, the bass player, for my band said "Awwww Oh man."

My sister and I are scheduled to sing backup for Tim Russ Crew at Pour Vous, January 24, 2019 at 10:00 pm. Even when I'm not singing back up for 
Tim Russ, I always enjoy his music.

Celebrated Sister 

Last night, we celebrated my sister's Maria Birthday with a veggie tray, Sushi,  (She didn't eat it since she's a vegetarian.) and pizza which was delivered by Louis Metoyer who added his special treatment to the vegetarian pizza. We drank Tecate beer with a touch of lemon and Mexican chili powder added. 

I was the designated DJ so I played songs using Youtube from Juanes, Elvis Crespo, Selena, Azuca Morena, Robert Rodriquez, Leon Bridges, The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi etc...  After we sang "Happy Birthday," I made sure to sing "Los Mananitas." So happy my sister is joining me on vocals and percussion on January 20, 2019 at the Kibitz Room gig.  So very thankful for family!!!

Rain didn't stop us... 

Last night,rehearsed with Crazy Tomes, Michael Be Holden, Jon McCracken, my beautiful sister Maria Madero and special guest, Shiree Chambers-Lee. It was pouring rain. Got a late start but it was a good rehearsal. Boni, who owns the place was gracious.  We're rehearsing for the January 20, 2019 gig at Canter's Kibitz Room. The Kibitz is a perfect place in my opinion, to try out new material and projects. This time I have no dancers. I'm working on playing with limited stopping between songs while separating genres. Starting out with Spanish, and then moving onto blues,then to rock and roll, then to funk and ending the set with gospel. I'm blessed to be able to have Shiree Chambers-Lee working on the gospel portion of the set.