Did you know, that you're a Lego?

That's what my niece, Michele, said to me the other morning. Her daughter, Juilette, who is five years old, and whom Maria likes to refer to her as the artist otherwise known as "J" decided to name one of her girl Lego toys, after me. Apparently we share the same hairstyle

The January 20th gig at the Kibitz has been cancelled due to a filming shoot so Canter's will be closed as well.  When I related this to Michael Be Holden, the bass player, for my band said "Awwww Oh man."

My sister and I are scheduled to sing backup for Tim Russ Crew at Pour Vous, January 24, 2019 at 10:00 pm. Even when I'm not singing back up for 
Tim Russ, I always enjoy his music.

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